SAMED Breakfast – A picture in time with huge potential.

Spending many hours of contemplation I mulled over what would be my first blog entry into this creative writing world of the “blog”.

How formal should I be? What would my opening topic in the realm of the Medical Device world be? What are the pressing and burning issues for South Africa in this area?

I then received an invite to attend a very pertinent and relevant breakfast discussion arranged by the South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED). This was a well-attended event involving a host of Local Medical Device Manufacturing companies. I must also not forget a mention that the event was superbly hosted at the beautiful Head Quarters of Southern Medical.

I now had the perfect topic to explore and from my seat at the event it became clearly apparent that we (South Africa) are on the precipice of either becoming a real relevant contributor to the Medical Device Manufacturing world, or we are going to fall into an endless pit of nothingness.

With this reality gripping my mind, Graham Blackbeard, the Managing Director of Southern Implants energetically took the proverbial “stage” and in the discussion to follow he showed the way forward by simply stating:

“Learn from failure, don’t give up! Commit your own money, every last cent”

 He showed us, superbly and with Great Spirit, that it is all up to us and the only possible way we could ever fail in our endeavor to become a major contributor was if we actually surrendered and gave up. Thankfully this is not the South African way and as we have shown we always punch above our weight class and end up making a special difference.

By being so heavily vested, putting all we have and every last cent into our pursuit of excellence ,we can and will eventually show that like most South African exploits we will be at the top of the world.

Today I take up this challenge willingly and commit to play my part…

PS. I would like to kindly Thank Graham for such wise words and strong motivation.


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